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Carboxytherapy Dioxage Hair

Carboxitherapy DIOXAGE is recommended for treatments against male androgenetic alopecia and also for female androgenic alopecia, as well as naturally for other types of hair loss, such as alopecia areata, pre and post hair transplantation.

It consists of infiltrating small amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) through small injections into the scalp.

By stimulating the oxygenation of the treated area through vasodilation, it stimulates the regeneration of the hair follicle, and the results can show quickly and effectively. This improves the quality, appearance and growth of hair.

The procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes and is executed with a weekly frequency.

Only the sensation of a puncture, feeling of pressure, discomfort and stinging that last only a few minutes. The DIOXAGE equipment controls the progressive flow of the gas, as well as preheats it, thus reducing the discomfort caused by the treatment drastically.

The results appear gradually, from the 2nd or 3rd session onwards the improvement can be seen. Stimulation of the hair follicle helps to slow hair loss and at the same time enhances its regeneration.

Redness, heat and stinging of the area which fade away in a few minutes, bruising in the puncture area, slight momentary edema.

Do not massage or manipulate the treated area for the next 4 hours. Avoid direct exposure to sun and UVA rays until the bruises have disappeared.

It can be combined with Biostimulation with PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelets), Capillary Mesotherapy, LED Therapy, and as a maintenance treatment, in some cases, Finasteride 1% o Minoxidil 5% as well as some vitamin supplements are generally recommended to be taken orally for a period of 3 months. Keep in mind that this can always be personalized.

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