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Biostimulation and cellular regeneration

Biostimulation and cellular regeneration consists of infiltrating autologous biological material, that is to say, which is obtained from the patient’s own blood by taking a sample through a venous puncture, which is then centrifuged to separate the different components (white blood cells, platelets, plasma), which also possess a growth factor and chemical mediators that stimulate the repair and regeneration of the skin.

The platelets are the cells that intervene in the process of building scar tissue. They help us to:

  • Revitalize the facial zone, the neck, the décolletage and the back of the hands.
  • Improve scars.
  • Strengthen the skin.
  • Prevent premature ageing.
  • Improve the coloration of the rings around the eyes.
  • Diffuse stretch marks.
  • Decrease flaccidity.
  • Revitalize the scalp.

Approximately 45 min to 1 hour.

Slight discomfort. An anesthetic cream is applied 30 min before the procedure.

The effects will be visible within a few days. The shine and elasticity of the skin will improve. The objective is to stimulate the even repair of the skin.
*The result will depend on the response of each organism.

3 – 4 sessions are recommended, separated by an interval of one month, and a maintenance session is recommended every 6 months.

Mild discomfort, possible bruises or bruisings, redness immediately after the treatment which resolves spontaneously within a few hours.

Avoid makeup during 4 hours, exposition to sun and UVA rays in the case of hematomas. Avoid alcohol, physical exercice, saunas and swimming pools during 24 h.

It is possible to combine with Hydrafacial, facial mesotherapy with Vitamins, Dermabrasion – Vampire Facelift treatments, collagen inductors, Skinboosters. Hydrating and refreshing cremes and antioxidant serums.

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