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Microneedling – Vampire Facelift

It is a minimally invasive technique consisting in the application of a product with specific properties into the upper layers of the skin through a large number of micro-channels. These micro-channels are realized with micro-needles reaching a depth defined previously according to each case.

Microneedling strengthens and tenses the skin, treats signs of ageing and photoageing (expression lines, light to moderate wrinkles, spots or uneven tones, swelled skin with irregular texture). It improves the aspect of scars and stretch marks.

The procedure takes approximately 30 min.

The micropunctures are very tolerable. An anesthetic cream is applied 30 min before.

Te result varies and can be seen from the first few days after the treatment.

Between 1 and 3 months. 3-4 sessions with an interval of one month are recommended.

The number of sessions and their frequency depend on each patient.

Itching, redness, stinging on the face after the treatment.

Avoid physical exercice, saunas and swimming pools during 24 h. Avoid sun and UVA rays during 24-48 hours. Apply sun protection and hydrating creams.

It is possible to combine with Hydrafacial, Chemical Peelings, Redensification with Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Mesotherapy, Biostimulators and Cellular Regeneration, Collagen Inductors, Neuromodulators.

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