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Correction of bags and rings under the eyes

The treatment for the correction of eye bags and rings around the eyes is done through small infiltrations of Hyaluronic Acid, thus improving the subsidence and the shadows of the grooves around the eye rings, the texture, luminosity, elasticity and hydration, and returning a rested and rejuvenated appearance to the look.

Approximately 30 – 45 min.

It is totally tolerable. A local anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment.

The number of visits depends on each case, but is generally between 1 to 3 sessions.

The result is visible immediately after the application and improves over the following days.

Between 8 to 12 months, however this can vary depending on the absorption capacity of each patient’s organism.

The side effects are those related to infiltration, which may cause slight discomfort or pain, inflammation, small hematomas which will only last a few days.

Avoid alcohol, physical exercice, saunas and swimming pools during 24 hours. Avoid sun and UVA rays if bruises appear, until these have completely resolved. Thrombocid or arnica can be applied for bruises. You can also apply antioxidant serums, hydrating creams and creams with a sun protection factor.

The treatment is mainly applied to treat deep rings with a loss of structure and not very strongly pronounced bags. In case of strongly pronounced bags, there are other treatments that can be more recommended, like blepharoplasty.

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