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Collagen inductors

They are absorbable dermic materials that stimulate the collagen production.

Their principal function is to stimulate the production of fibrin, elastin and collagen.

It has an immediate effect that will last several weeks, and will later on produce the collagen inductor effect from the 3th to 4th month on.

The effect can extend up to 12 months approximatively.

Slight discomfort caused by the punction, and possible bruises or hematomas may appear as a consequence. It is also possible that a light inflammation may appear, which will resolve within a few days.

Avoid alcohol, physical exercise, saunas and swimming pools for 24 h. Avoid sun and UVA rays if there are bruises, until these have completely resolved. Thrombocid or arnica can be applied for bruises. Cremes with a sun protection factor.

It is possible to reinforce by combining with treatments directed towards recovering the facial structure and repositioning the tissues using different types of filler materials, like hyaluronic acid, and treatments directed towards improving the skin quality, like biostimulators and cellular regenerators, Skinboosters, mesotherapy with vitamins and Hydrafacial.

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