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Tension threads

They are absorbable threads, they are biocompatible and biodegradable.

They are useful to produce traction and reposition the tissue. Their principal function is to stimulate the production of fibrin, elastin and collagen.

Between 45 min and 1:30 h.

Slight discomfort. It is very tolerable.

The effect is immediate and diminishes progressively, as the strings are absorbed over time.

The effect varies according to the zone of the face, the number of strings, the type of strings and the amount of tissue it has to support.

Sensitivity along the trajectory of some of the strings can last between some days up until a few weeks. Tightness sensation when realizing certain types of movements.

Sleep on your back during the first few nights, avoid movements requiring to open your mouth wide, avoid sudden movements, the sun, hot showers, saunas and swimming pools during 24-48 h.

Structural and tissue repositioning treatments using different types of filler materials, collagen inductors, Biostimulators and Cellular Regenerators, Skinboosters, Hydrafacial, vitamins.

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