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Chemical peelings

It is a medical treatment for facial rejuvenation that consists of the application of different chemical substances. Its objectives is to repair and renew the different layers of the skin. They can be realized in any period of the year.

They are useful to treat:

  • Lesions like acne scars
  • Stains and spots.
  • Scars.
  • Open pores.
  • Tone down and eliminate superficial and average wrinkles
  • Improve cutaneous flaccidity.
  • Loss of luminosity.

The treatment can take 15 to 30 min.

The procedure is not painful. During the peeling, a slight itching sensation may be felt, that is more intense the deeper the peeling goes. Exceptionally, watery eyes, redness, inflammation or crusts can occur.

The improvement of the skin can be noticed after 1 or 2 days with the softer chemical peelings, and from the second week with medium to deep chemical peelings.

The number of sessions depends on each patient and on the type of applied chemical peeling.

Slight itch, temporary erythema (redness), acne outbreaks and temporary scaling.

Avoid physical exercice, saunas and swimming pools during 24 h. Avoid sun and UVA rays during 24-48 hours. Apply creams with a sun protection factor and hydrating creams several times a day.

It can be combined with Hydrafacial, Microneedling, the Redensification with Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Mesotherapy, Biostimulators and Cellular Regeneration, Collagen Inductors, Neuromodulators.

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