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The skin has different needs according to the age, the genes, the lifestyle and, in addition, the course of the years. This is why we explain the different treatments in the aesthetic medicine according to the age:

  • Around 20 years of age: “Start taking care of your skin”: At this age, the most common treatments are realized in specific areas, like for example: skin hydration, lip augmentation, rinomodellation, correction of acne scars, improvement of the depth of bags and rings under the eyes.
  • Around 30 years “Preventive treatments”: Starting at this age, you can notice the first signs of ageing on the skin, like the marking of some expression lines and the appearance of the first wrinkles. As a preventive treatment, it is useful to turn to the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and infiltrations with Neuromodulators, which help to fade wrinkles and to maintain the freshness of the skin.
  • Between 40 and 50 years “Replacement of Volume and Elasticity”: The main problem of the skin is the flaccidity and the loss of volume, as well as the reduction of the eye outlines. We can realize combinations of treatments that stimulate the production of collagen, the cellular rejuvenation, the circulation and the elasticity of the skin, like for example: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Inductors, Treatment of Expression wrinkles with Neuromodulators, Chemical Peelings, Biostimulators and Cellular Regeneration.
  • From 50 years “Well-Ageing”: With the arrival of the 50, the preoccupation is focused on two skin problems: the loss of elasticity and the depth of the wrinkles. In both cases, Hyaluronic Acid is recommendable, which allows to correct the ageing effects by hydrating the skin, thus helping to fade wrinkles and reposition the tissues. Apart from Collagen Inductors, treatment of expression wrinkles with Neuromodulators.
  • HYDRAFACIAL: It is one of the star treatments which adapts to any age and any type of skin.

At The Essential Clinic, we realize a personalized medical diagnose, which allows us to analyse, evaluate and suggest the most adequate treatments for you according to the type of skin and your needs.

We are waiting for you!

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